Interview with confidenceStand out from the crowdInterview coaching will set you apart from the competition


I felt a whole lot more relaxed and prepared for this interview than I had at any of the other ones and it is definitely due to your help.

Jeffrey Durbin- Ph.D Candidate
St. Louis University

Interview with confidenceStand out from the crowdInterview coaching will set you apart from the competition


I had two job offers within three weeks of visiting The Interview Experience!

Mary Mulhearn - Attorney

Interview with confidenceStand out from the crowdInterview coaching will set you apart from the competition
Thanks so much for everything! I could not have gotten this far and been so confident without your help.

Lori J. Poe

Sales Professional

St. Louis, MO

Interview with confidenceStand out from the crowdInterview coaching will set you apart from the competitionSeeing myself on videotape made all of the difference in the world. I became aware of mannerisms I didn’t know I was portraying. After taping the second video, I couldn’t believe how much more comfortable I was and how much I improved.

Trenton Kersting - Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

University of Missouri, Columbia

Interview with confidenceStand out from the crowdInterview coaching will set you apart from the competitionThrough The Interview Experience, I learned how to handle whatever the interviewer has to throw at me! I can honestly say that I am looking forward to my next interview.

Tom Kennedy – Mechanical Engineering

University of Notre Dame

Stand out from the crowd

The Interview Experience

More than just job interview tips or resume critiques, The Interview Experience provides a comprehensive, step-by-step process that gives any job seeker a substantial competitive edge during his or her job search. Based on the key skills every hiring manager is looking for, our clients:

  • Stand out in a crowd of applicants- In person, on paper and on the Internet
  • Gain confidence via thorough preparation and videotaped interview “practice”
  • Showcase their skills and align them with every potential employers’ needs

Our program includes behavioral and situational based interviewing techniques and offers both structured and unstructured formats.

What Makes Us Different? Preparing for the Job Interview …

Interviewing doesn’t have to be difficult. Our program breaks down the process and focuses on the essentials that are really important to the majority of hiring managers. After years of research, the partners at The Interview Experience developed a process known as The Interview Essentials™. The essentials are made up of 10 critical competencies. By assisting our clients in focusing on these skills and competencies throughout their job search, they learn to clearly articulate their accomplishments and experiences.

Recent Graduates

Are you worried about your lack of "real-world" experience? Are you comfortable networking? Do you have a solid digital presence? Our Young Professional's Program specializes in assisting students and recent graduates in making the transition from the college scene to the corporate world. Whether you are interviewing for an internship or your first job, we can help.

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Coaching Services

Are you reentering the workforce, interviewing for a promotion, or changing careers? How long has it been since you had to prepare for an interview? Do you have a digital presence? Let us help you prepare.

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The Interview Essentials: 10 Critical Competencies for Job Search Success

Based on years of research and real-life case studies, The Interview Experience has identified the 10- essential skills that hiring managers look for when interviewing job candidates. Our method is proven and it works!

Our self-guided program includes sample resumes that show you how to weave the ten essentials into your resume to catch the eye of hiring managers, recruiters and even ATS software • Step-by-step instructions for requesting letters of recommendation from colleagues, clients and college professors! • Tips and tricks for responding to behavioral and situational-based interview questions so you can tell YOUR STORY through visual responses. • Everything you need to know to win at your next job interview!

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We Customize to Meet YOUR Needs

We realize that every client comes to us at a different stage in their career. While we offer a variety of packages, we understand that you may be looking for something specific so we work with each of our clients to design the perfect offering to address their needs.

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